Maxxis Driver of the Year 2017
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Media Information For Release April 11th 2017

Maxxis Tyres to Partner Yamaha Driver of the Year

Top ten global tyre manufacturer, Maxxis, has joined with Yamaha to become the title sponsor for the Yamaha Driver of the Year competition.

The Yamaha Driver of the Year is a free-to-enter competition, open to all drivers of the new Yamaha YXZ1000R. Within this, the points scored by all drivers are aggregated across several different championships, and the winner with the most points wins the title of Maxxis Yamaha Driver of the Year 2017.

For 2017, the following championship scores are collated:

MSA Britpart British Cross Country Championship
Polaris SxS Enduro Championship
Polaris SxS Sprint Championship
All Wheel Drive Club
Groundtrax Off Road Championship

Yamaha YXZ1000 drivers in these championships will earn points towards winning the Yamaha Driver of the Year, as well as points for their chosen championships, as usual. This allows an extra incentive to race, without any extra cost to the driver.

Commenting on this, John Thorne, Yamaha YXZ100 Racing team principal, said: “The competition was designed as a way for Yamaha to show its unwavering support for its drivers. By creating these battles, it allows drivers to compete against each other, despite many of them racing in different series. It also demonstrates just how adaptable the YXZ1000 is; enduro, Comp Safari and short course racing are all very different, but the YXZ1000 is able to perform well in all situations.

“We are delighted to have Maxxis on board. In all of our tyre testings this year, the Maxxis tyres have outperformed all others.  To have the brand, who we have always favoured to ride on, as a partner for the Yamaha Driver of the Year is fantastic for the drivers.”

As part of this partnership the drivers will be provided with Maxxis branded livery and POS material to further promote their affiliation with the brand.

Commenting on this, Maxxis’ managing director, Derek McMartin, said: “We are extremely proud to have been chosen as a partner for the Driver of the Year program, and can’t wait to see our name sitting alongside Yamaha. Quality, performance, and value is at the core of what we do at Maxxis, so it is great to hear that our tyres have outperformed all others in the teams’ testing, leading Yamaha to choose us for this event. To be able to back all the drivers, by partnering in this unique program is a brilliant opportunity for us, and we’re really looking forward to showing our support for all of them during the competition.”

In addition to the awards, each driver and co-driver will be given their own monogrammed Maxxis Yamaha Driver of the Year clothing, provided by Yamaha YXZ1000 Racing’s long term partner, HRX.

A prize fund worth over £5,000 is also on offer to drivers, and includes Maxxis tyres for podium placers, VIP tickets to the MotoGP at Silverstone, and a host of other exciting prizes.

In order to determine the drivers’ overall positions, the scores of their best seven races will be added up
and weighted according to the number of drivers in that class:

In a series where there are 5 or more entrants:

1st –           15 points
2nd –          14 points
3rd –           13 points
4th –           12 points
5th –           11 points
6th –           10 points
7th –           9 points
8th –           8 points
9th –           7 points
10th –        6 points

In a series where there are less than 5 entrants:

1st –           8 points
2nd –          7 points
3rd –           6 points
4th –           5 points
5th –           4 points

A point is also given to each entrant for starting. Only the top 6 race results count towards the competition.

For more information on Yamaha YXZ1000 Racing, or to keep up with drivers’ standings throughout the competition, please visit More details on Maxxis can be found at


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