Swift Yamaha Racing - Team Partners

As well as Yamaha we are lucky enough to welcome back some long term partners of the team as well as some exciting new partners to work with. All of our partners support the team either financially or we are fortunate enough to be able to use their parts and products as an integral part of the cars development. 

Whilst we are now fully funded, we are always interested in creating new partnerships, the costs are not as large as you'd expect.

Swift Group

The UK's largest manufacturer of caravans, holiday homes and motor homes - our new title sponsor and partner for Yamaha YXZ1000 Racing.

So much of our time is spent in far off places with near zero amenities we are delighted that Swift have come on board to support us with one of their Swift Kon Tiki motor homes. Pure luxury.

Full details of their support can be found here.

Thorney Motorsport

As of 2016, Thorney Motorsport are Yamaha's official YXZ1000R race team and technical partner. In this multi year deal we will be responsible for Yamaha's official team YXZ1000R race cars for the UK and for developing the international, FIA approved, race cars for competition Worldwide.

This partnership brings Yamaha's expertise in UTV design and manufacturing together with Thorney Motorsports extensive experience in developing and racing competition UTV race cars. In addition to developing and racing the factory YXZ1000R cars we will also be responsible for the Yamaha YXZ1000R Experience days where members of the public are able to race the cars round our specially designed off road race track near the famous Silverstone circuit and also for the promotion at shows and events of the new YXZ1000R cars. The relationship goes back to the tried and trusted partnership in motorsport - win on Sunday, buy on Monday.

Corporate Sponsors

Dash Witness

With the proliferation of insurance scams and 'crash and run' schemes designed to rob you of your insurance bonus there has been an explosion of dash camera systems available to protect you in the event of a crash on the road. With so many available its hard to know what to pick so we are grateful of the support of Dash Witness.

Dash Witness specialise in supplying the best choice and quality of dash mounted cameras for road, race and commercial vehicles, we fitted them to some of our vehicles and the safety net they provide in the event of an incident is invaluable. We now offer the complete range for fitting to customer cars and run them in the race cars.

Badger's Oak Stud

Whilst it may appear strange to have a stud farm as a team partner the relationship makes a lot of sense when you consider our new extensive corporate entertainment side to the Yamaha relationship.

As part of our Yamaha role we are running a series of driver days and corporate events using the YXZ1000R race cars, these events, obviously off road in nature fit perfectly with the high end corporate World of eventing. With Badgers Oak Stud we are able to cross promote the brands and mutually particiapte in corporate events to a new group of potential customers, partners and friends.

Stealth Electric Bikes

A new subsidiary of Thorney Motorsport, Stealth are the manufacturers of the most extreme electric bikes on the planet. Most ebikes are, well, dull - 250w, pedal assisted power units limited to 15mph - not exactly exciting, however the Stealth is on another World - 50mph, full off road mountain bike with a 50 mile range and (in road mode) completely road legal with no requirements for insurance or number plates. They are in effect a hybrid of an MTB and a MX bike - one that can go anywhere.

Why did we get involved in eMTB's? Well, come and ride one, if you're not mentally trying to work out how to buy one after 30 seconds on one then you have no pulse.


Another Thorney Motorsport subsidiary and one that has grown entirely out of motorsport partnerships. With all of our corporate partnerships as part of the deal you get a 'partners day', this is a day out with some team members experiencing some of the race cars and we usually simply did this at a track day. After a few years of doing this in all got a bit samey so we decided to create a unique day out as a thank you to our partners where they got to race about in our Artic Cat Wildcats and Yamaha ATV's round our own offroad race track as well as blind fold driving and combined that with some dynamic shooting - run and gun as its sometimes called where you run about with firearms shooting targets that blow up, fall over etc.

After the first few days like this every single partner asked if they could buy more days and use the event as corporate entertainment or team building and 4x4xgun.com was born. The days are arranged for groups between 5 and 20 at a time and you can have a full day of driving race buggies about as well as shooting semi-automatic rifles and shotguns - it really is as fun as it sounds.

Supplier Sponsors

Oyster Satech Ltd

Our Swift Kon Tiki motor home is perfect for keeping our guests comfortable but to keep them entertained we have a full set of HD TV's from AvTex all showing satellite tv inside and outside the motor home, we can even have three different TV's all with different satellite programs on. No more missing F1 whilst we are waiting for our own races to start.


Three HD TV's all running for hours at a time off a 12v battery, never again will we use a standard TV only to have to throw it away at the end of the season as dust has got into it. Our Avtex TV's are sealed against dust and moisture and we can happily still watch them long after the generator has gone off at night.


Our new tyre partner for our Yamaha YXZ1000 cars and their huge range of UTV and off road tyres is making our lives a lot easier in terms of correct selection for the range of racing we do. From the 764 Big Horn for sprint and enduros to the AT tyre for the BCCC we have a great choice to pick from.

Team Dynamics

Matt Neal and his team have been partners of ours for nearly 10 years, and try as we might to find a lighter, stronger wheel for our race cars we really can't, so every year we try and negotiate a better deal all the time knowing they have us over a barrel!. This year is slightly different, for the YXZ1000R race cars we have adopted Team Dynamics Pro Rally wheel rather than the Pro Race version.

The Pro Rally is stronger and has build in disk protection so they will be able to withstand the rigours of competition in Wales, Scotland and the Dakar. We've moved to a 15" size (up from the standard 14") to allow us to use the new Toyo all terrain tyre and further increase ground clearance. Each YXZ1000R comes with a full set of Pro Race wheels.

Owen Developments

Continuing on from 2015 our turbo charger devlopment continues with Owen Developments. Our new Insignia VXR Garrett turbo is the latest development but more plans are on their way.

Owen have jointly developed with us new turbo upgrades for the Corsa VXR, Astra H VXR and now the Insignia VXR as well as being the chosen partner for the GTC VXR model and Astra GTC Cup race cars. Current plans extend to the X5M and the new BMW M4.

Vinyl Creations

Co-owner Rick will be surprised to see his company's name here mainly as we've offered to have him as a partner for years and we've just never got round to it. Rick and his team have done our race and road car liveries for over 10 years and there is no-one else we will trust, we've tried others every now and then and they just aren't as good, ever.

Vinyl Creations did all the race cars wraps, the Tesco livery, the BTCC livery and all of our trucks (2 x artics, 3 x 7.5t and several vans) as well as all of our BMW TMS liveries, a fully wrapped Gallardo and supply all of our VXR-R livery packs and TMS stickers, all without issue and without compare as to quality. The fact we've stuck with them even though they have to drive up from Sittingborne in Kent every time we need them is testimony to their work.